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Abstract Submission

Be a thought leader at WEAR 2023!

In addition to our invited speakers we ask industry thought-leaders to submit presentation abstracts that detail ideas, advancements, and emerging opportunities. If you would like to inspire discussion and development as a thought leader, we want to hear from you! Presenting is a key way to put yourself and your company at the forefront of the industry, and to connect with other top players.


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Topics of interest include, but aren't limited to:

  • Wearables Market: Size, Growth, Trends (What’s happened in the last decade)
  • Impact of COVID
  • Wearables in healthcare (personal use, remote patient monitoring etc.)
  • Design considerations and challenges
  • Combining soft goods and hard electronics
  • Functional fabrics (research being conducted?  products are on the market?)
  • Case studies (market acceptance…consumer/customer experience)
  • Enterprise applications, opportunities and success. ie job training, construction, military
  • Future for wearable tech.

Please fill out the abstract form below and we will be in touch!